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To do whatever is right

I was thinking of the countless times in life we face the question,”what do you want to do?” All through life we fumble with these words that hold more than a million imperatives.

As a kid the all important question was,”what do you want to do when you grow up?”My answer to this kept changing all through childhood from an astronaut to an actor to a lawyer and whatnot.Even now I have no idea what I will be doing when I ‘grow up’ or even what I want to do.Such is the dynamic of this type of questionss(and in this case the immensity of my ineptitude).

And life does throws the ‘what do you want to do’ question at you ever so often.But there really is just one answer to these questions,”To do whatever is right!!!!!“Think about it,isn’t that what we all ever want or try to do?



If life was a video game, this would be the point where I got bored and quit or skipped a few levels ahead with cheats.


Random blurbs

Blasting “Skillett”,the new band helped me find, from my feeble phone speakers. Something about breakups make you wanna shut yourself up in a room and load up on music. Then again music is therapy for most problems.

Vacations are on so been catching up on a lot of stuff-music,reading,sleep. And not to forget strumming my guitar and I’m proud to say I can finally coax some decent rhythm out of it. Just finished reading Ken Follet’s Fall of Giants and Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner both fantabulous book;the former is an epic set during world war I and the latter is so powerful a story that I’m still in its afterglow.

A lot happening on the personal front so been all caught up in that also.The breakup I previously mentioned which in hindsight was a long time coming.Surprising how we fail to see when things fall apart right in front of our eyes.Maybe a detailed post on that later.

Will be leaving town for a couple of days.Another misadventure.Later.


Should and should nots

Things I should/need to be doing:
2)Studying and
3)More Studying

What I have been doing since morning :
1)Finally jumped on the twitter bandwagon just for the heck of it. Plus the twitter birdie looks kinda cool on my browsers speed-dial.Don’t really get what all the fuss about twitter is-it is kinda lame.
2)Read a lot of tweets dissing Rebecca Black,she’s leading the TT(trending topics) on twitter.So checked her out online and saw her music video which kind sucked.Then saw a bunch of spoof videos and parody’ of Rebecca Black which was much better.
3)Now eating dosas and spicy chicken curry as I write this.

My exams starting from 31st of this month and I’m kinda in that phase between having a ball and desperately cramming.HMU on twitter if you want.I am johnoommen.



I’m scared and yet I don’t stop.
I’m weak but I still fight.
I hurt but I don’t cry.
The odds are against me but I still survive. Always.
For this strength I thank ye lord.

P.S. Impossible is nothing.You just have to believe.



“Mr. Bean tumchi ghenar ahe!”(Mr. Bean is going to screw you people!)
He is looking for you guys.”
Yes,I knew that;we both did.Hearing it out loud just didn’t help.And the nerd who pronounced our fate did it with a relish,enjoying every syllable.I think he came to the college canteen for the first time in his life just for this.

Me and Robin were in our second torturous year on our way to become mechanical engineers.The semester was almost over and we were in the biggest mess students could ever land up in:our assignments were overdue,all the professors of our department were hunting us for various reasons and with a healthy attendance of around 34%-35% we were sure to be detained for the year.

Add to all this the head of our department Prof.G.Kadam had taken a keen interest in us.Our seniors had nicknamed him Mr.Bean because of his slightly whimsical walk and comical body language.But contrary to his nickname he was a villain with a reputation.Already that year we had experienced his wrath on more than one occasion.And now after two very strict warnings(which we didn’t heed)and having told us to get our parents if we want to appear for the coming exams(which we totally ignored) it looked like he was going to take no more shit from us.He wanted to see us and I was pretty sure we had exhausted our share of warnings and threats.

Walking down the corridor to Mr.Beans we knew we had it.I was already picturing telling my folks about this and getting thrown out of the house.Right beside me my buddy must have also been having the same thoughts ‘cuz he looked very pale.Thinking that he was in dire need of some reassurance I decided it was better to break the silence.
I looked up at him and said”Chillax Rob we’ll ride this out ya”
He seemed not to hear me at first then stopping in his tracks he thought for a while and said,”Yea I guess”
Somehow he didn’t seem convinced about it,his voice lacked the usual bravado.Hell I thought even I was shit scared lets just get this over with.

Bean ushered us into his office with a curt nod.There weren’t going to be any plesantaries this time.He didn’t even look up but kept scribbling away beneath a printed page he had on his desk.

Finally after what seemed like eons he looked up,”so where were you two during my morning lecture,missed the bus again?”
“yes sir”,we mumbled in unison.
“Ahh,I thought so!
“Why didn’t you just stay home?You don’t seem interested in studies or anything.Your assignments are overdue,your attendance is miserable.I think it’s better that you are detained this year and not be allowed to give your examinations….”
“Please what Mr.Mascarenhas?”This was to Robin.
“Sir our assignments are almost done sir…”
“Yes almost done!They have been almost done for a long time now.”
He turns to me”What Oommen,didn’t I tell you that you’ll have to bring your parents.Where are they?”
I look down and start admiring my shoe laces.He goes on,”Do you know that the required attendance is 75% for theory and 100%for practicals?Only on that basis alone you could be disallowed from giving the final examinations….”

Bean had abruptly stopped his discourse.I looked up and saw him staring at Robin.Following his gaze I saw that Robin had a strange grimace on his face and was sweating profusely.As we kept looking he stumbled,collided into Beans desk and crumbled to the floor.

Fear,aprehension and anxiety of my situation started colliding with concern and worry for my friend.I was so shocked by what had happened that I stood rooted to the ground my mind refusing to believe what was taking place.I was already strung with tention and had braced for Beans wrath but this completely derailed me.

The initial shock soon gave way and I rushed to his side my heart still beating like a chopper in high flight.With great difficulty I sat him against the desk while he seemed to be slowly drifting back into consciousness.Meanwhile our tormentor rushed ahead with a glass of water and seemed to think shaking Robin would make him okay.

Finally Robin came to enough to accept the drink with shaking hands.He looked a mess and wasn’t aware of his sorroundings at first then slowly realizing where he was he tried gingerly to get up but Mr.Bean gently pushed him back.
“Sit back a bit,I don’t think you should exert yourself right now.Drink the water.”
Saying this he got up grabbed me by the arm and pulled me to the side.”I will go get someone to help take him to a doctor stay here and remember my warning:another toe out of line and that will be it,understand?”
“Yes sir.”I let out a sigh of relief and rushed to my buddys side.


I know the title is kinda off but whatever,couldn’t think of anything better.

This post is written for the Close Up “Fire-Freeze” Contest on

Have you ever had a magical moment when you felt two strongly opposite emotions? Love/Hate? Elation/Sadness? Anger/Sympathy? The desire to move forward yet run away at the same time.Any story that had you in the midst of clashing emotions.If yes then you could share it here in the comments below or on Close up India’ Facebook page.


Blast from the past

I’ve heard that history has a way of repeating itself.But actually watching glimpses of what should be old sepia toned photographs play out in full HD right in front of you is creepy as hell.
And these stories have horrible endings.Not going down that road again.No.

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