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To do whatever is right

I was thinking of the countless times in life we face the question,”what do you want to do?” All through life we fumble with these words that hold more than a million imperatives.

As a kid the all important question was,”what do you want to do when you grow up?”My answer to this kept changing all through childhood from an astronaut to an actor to a lawyer and whatnot.Even now I have no idea what I will be doing when I ‘grow up’ or even what I want to do.Such is the dynamic of this type of questionss(and in this case the immensity of my ineptitude).

And life does throws the ‘what do you want to do’ question at you ever so often.But there really is just one answer to these questions,”To do whatever is right!!!!!“Think about it,isn’t that what we all ever want or try to do?



If life was a video game, this would be the point where I got bored and quit or skipped a few levels ahead with cheats.


Always buy a car that you can push.


Of facebook and me being grumpy…

I can barely even hear myself think over the 1000 watts of super lame Bollywood songs my neighbors have going. But its a good change. I swear I tend to get bored of my incessant cynicism and smarty-pantness(yay,new word 🙂 ).

This is the last day of a small vacation-sort-of.Meaning I bunked a couple of days,then there was the weekend and on monday I came to know that college will be officialy off for another four days. Ahh well back to work again. Already feeling bored to go to college. 🙂

Spent a large amount of time the last couple of days perversely checking up my friends profiles on Facebook.Don’t know if they’re just bluffing or have actually done insanely good for themselves over the last couple of years.I mean seriously,this guy who a couple of weeks before the boards pointed out the integral sign and asked me what the ‘S-thingy’ was,is studying to be an engineer!And this other guy,back in high school,he was the butt(pun totally unintentional but awsome) of all our gay jokes;now he has a girlfriend.And she looks nothing like a dude,infact she’s HOT.
Facebook sucks.It makes me feel like shit.But for a change,atleast I know why I’m feeling like shit.

I think I need a trip to a place where everything is pferfekt.My dreams.

Adiós world.

P.S. Everything is so unfair here.


Waves of Destruction

Ringing out far over the sea
the church bells sang like every morning
and the fishermen bowed in prayer
as they heard it over the gulls calling.

The women and children
went about with songs on their lips;
Songs of contentment and joy,
of distant lands and mighty ships.

The streets rang with the sounds of cycle bells,
and the tea shops were filled with chatter.
The beaches were full of the sounds of the waves
and of childrens laughter.

Traders shouting and calling,
the markets hummed with activity.
Life went on like it always had
in the little coastal village off Vataity.

Life went on as it always had,
untill that noon when disaster struck;
The sea grew restless
and the waves swelled up.

And the rising tide came crashing down
and covered everything in its dark embrace;
Sweeping away what was and what was to be
and leaving eerie silence in its wake.

**On 26th December 2004 a series of Tsunami waves struck the coasts of many nations in Asia and Africa.The death and destruction caused by these waves was so massive that it shocked the world.Over 300,000 people died and many more thousands were injured in all the nations affected by it.Whole towns and villages were wiped away and the destruction to property was beyond calculation.Even today the affected people are still struggling to rebuild their homes and their lives.


Soch lo,don’t all relationships come with a past?and aren’t they better for it?

Soch lo,do all relationships come with the past? Don’t we all come with a past?So isn’t it obvious that all our relationships too have shadows stretching back into time.Actually since relationships involve two people its more like two diverse and distinct shadows of the past coming together as one in the present.

Everything has a past that it owes its existence to.A past spent falling,failing,learning and growing.What is the present after all but a growth out of the past.

Remember eighth grade,that cute li’l cup cake of a girl that you would look at and pray that if only she would realise you existed you would do anything,anything for her.Well you eventually did get her.And had a few fleeting days of being boyfriend and girlfriend. Remember how soon that fruit soured.Eventually you did do anything and everything….to get away from her.
Didn’t such past relationship teach you something that you are sure glad to know now.Like for example from above relationship I learnt that hot-ness and brains are inversely proportional in girls and settling for slightly above average cute types is the safest bet:).
Well that’s just me I’m sure each one of you have learnt your share of stuff from the past.Didn’t you grow from such experiences?And so also did your future relationships.Right?

Anyways,moving on…So we all have our share of the past.And whatever be our past aren’t we all so much the better for it?Better for having learnt from the good times and bad.Tempered and polished we emerge from the past to be the best we can.Right? So is the case with relationships.Relationships come with the pasts of two people.Pasts in which we have learnt from each and every one of our relationships,the good,the passable and even the huge catastrophic mistakes.And our present ones are so much the better for those past ones.

Soch lo,if all our relationships didn’t come with the past we would be stumbling through each relationship making different variants of almost all the same mistakes.Imagine how that would be like…Soch lo! …………………………………………………………………………………………….

I wrote this for the ‘Soch lo’ contest down at Frankly I see no chance of me winning because there’s actually an entry with some really hot,girl on girl,lesbian action complete with flavored chocolate and everything.Check

**P.S.Please note the last comment is not intended to be offensive towards anyone or any sexual minorities.**


Skeletons in my closet

There are no skeletons in my closet

its just bits and pieces of me.

Hidden away from the world,

from prying eyes that may see

the scars,earned in battles,

valiantly fought and lost to destiny;

Like soveniers I carry them,

tatooed on my psych for eternity,

like maiming wounds,

etched deep,bleeding me

slowly and surely to my death,

and an end to my life,my misery.

An Outlaw,compulsively cynical and self-confessed geek.Passionate about art,music,culture,literature,etc.
Part-time poet,philosopher,writer and sober.

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