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Blast from the past

I’ve heard that history has a way of repeating itself.But actually watching glimpses of what should be old sepia toned photographs play out in full HD right in front of you is creepy as hell.
And these stories have horrible endings.Not going down that road again.No.


Soch lo,don’t all relationships come with a past?and aren’t they better for it?

Soch lo,do all relationships come with the past? Don’t we all come with a past?So isn’t it obvious that all our relationships too have shadows stretching back into time.Actually since relationships involve two people its more like two diverse and distinct shadows of the past coming together as one in the present.

Everything has a past that it owes its existence to.A past spent falling,failing,learning and growing.What is the present after all but a growth out of the past.

Remember eighth grade,that cute li’l cup cake of a girl that you would look at and pray that if only she would realise you existed you would do anything,anything for her.Well you eventually did get her.And had a few fleeting days of being boyfriend and girlfriend. Remember how soon that fruit soured.Eventually you did do anything and everything….to get away from her.
Didn’t such past relationship teach you something that you are sure glad to know now.Like for example from above relationship I learnt that hot-ness and brains are inversely proportional in girls and settling for slightly above average cute types is the safest bet:).
Well that’s just me I’m sure each one of you have learnt your share of stuff from the past.Didn’t you grow from such experiences?And so also did your future relationships.Right?

Anyways,moving on…So we all have our share of the past.And whatever be our past aren’t we all so much the better for it?Better for having learnt from the good times and bad.Tempered and polished we emerge from the past to be the best we can.Right? So is the case with relationships.Relationships come with the pasts of two people.Pasts in which we have learnt from each and every one of our relationships,the good,the passable and even the huge catastrophic mistakes.And our present ones are so much the better for those past ones.

Soch lo,if all our relationships didn’t come with the past we would be stumbling through each relationship making different variants of almost all the same mistakes.Imagine how that would be like…Soch lo! …………………………………………………………………………………………….

I wrote this for the ‘Soch lo’ contest down at Frankly I see no chance of me winning because there’s actually an entry with some really hot,girl on girl,lesbian action complete with flavored chocolate and everything.Check

**P.S.Please note the last comment is not intended to be offensive towards anyone or any sexual minorities.**

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