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Blasting “Skillett”,the new band helped me find, from my feeble phone speakers. Something about breakups make you wanna shut yourself up in a room and load up on music. Then again music is therapy for most problems.

Vacations are on so been catching up on a lot of stuff-music,reading,sleep. And not to forget strumming my guitar and I’m proud to say I can finally coax some decent rhythm out of it. Just finished reading Ken Follet’s Fall of Giants and Khaled Hosseini’s The Kite Runner both fantabulous book;the former is an epic set during world war I and the latter is so powerful a story that I’m still in its afterglow.

A lot happening on the personal front so been all caught up in that also.The breakup I previously mentioned which in hindsight was a long time coming.Surprising how we fail to see when things fall apart right in front of our eyes.Maybe a detailed post on that later.

Will be leaving town for a couple of days.Another misadventure.Later.


pea brains with thick skulls

You can help those who are ignorant.You can even do something for those who are arrogant.But people who are both ignorant and arrogant are beyond hope,and also just impossible to stand…

Its a serious disorder if you ask me and its amazing how many people like that are actually around,living in their own world with massive,puffed up egos and full of their own self importance.

Again,it is a very serious disorder.And when possible it is advisable to stay right clear of those affected.Short intervals of exposure to such people leads to bouts of frustration,irritation and leaves you with intense migranes.Prolonged contact can lead to severe and permanent effects.

Moving on,my sincere sympathies goes to all you affected people and much bigger ones for all those unfortunate enough as to have to deal with you’ll.

Here’s a couple of lines I wrote for all you guys,of pea sized brains and thick skulls.It could be the chorus of your title song or anthem or whatever.

Hey knucklehead,Oi hey knucklehead!
You need to open your eyes wide,
and look around you with an open mind.
But first get your head out of your own behind….

An Outlaw,compulsively cynical and self-confessed geek.Passionate about art,music,culture,literature,etc.
Part-time poet,philosopher,writer and sober.

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